Make Bootable CD using K3b


There have been a lot of questions on forums on the internet on how to make a bootable CD using debian. I am here to tell you that it can be done using K3b. Lets get to work.

First thing you will need to do is install K3b if you don’t already have it installed. To install K3b type the following in a terminal:

debian jessie and earlier

$ sudo apt-get install k3b

This will install K3b and the MP3 plugin. If you have these installed then skip this step.

  1. Download the DOS Boot Image file here. Save the .zip file to your hard drive and decompress the .IMA file contained in the archive.
  2. Start up K3b.
  3. Click "New Data CD Project"
  4. Click the button "Edit the boot images of this project to make it bootable.". This particular button is 3 buttons over from the "Burn" button.
  5. This will bring up the "Edit Boot Images" window.
  6. Click the "New..." button.
  7. This will bring up the "Please Choose Boot Image" window.
  8. Navigate to where you saved the DosBootimage.IMA file and click "Open".
  9. You will now see and entry in the "Edit Boot Images" window. The entry will look like this:
    • Emulation Type is floppy
    • Local Path is pointing to the file.
  10. Hit the "Ok" button.
  11. Drag and drop other files as you wish into your project.
  12. Hit the "Burn" button.
  13. After the burn process is done the CD is now bootable!!!!!!!

This image contains a few goodies like fdisk and format. You have now created a bootable CD in a completely open source environment. Proof positive that anything Windows can do Ubuntu can so as well!!!!!

I hope this helps.

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