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The mission of this blog is dedicated to the research and development of applications "DIY" in the field of electronics, electricity and programing, framed under the premises of sustainable development and the re-use of technology, the efficient use of energy resources, alternative energy, promotion of free software, protection of the environment, and appropriation of alternative technologies of low cost that now are available despite mediatic censure, misinformation, unjustified consumerism and other distractions that make sustainable development difficult but not impossible and alternative processes that lead to cheaper implementations and efficient in the field of electronics, electricity, computing in the people.

This blog "Alvistec" is an acronym for Alfre Vision Tech!

In this way, the blogger user Luis Alfredo, rememberme like "Alvistec" makes his technical vision, based on his own experiences, known to the world as a contribution of selfless and free knowledge, through his YouTube channel, this blog and later in patreón according to how things go.

Located in Colombia in the department of Valle del Cauca, city of Santiago de Cali.
Any concern or comment is welcome as long as it comes of the people with respectful words and in order to enrich our experiences.

Personal Info

Name: Luis Alfredo
City: Cali - Colombia,
I'm staying alive!
Career: Electronics, and free software enthusiast!!

Mis Enlaces

Blog 1: web de investigación tecnológica y curiosidades en http://alvistec.blogspot.com
Blog 2: Descarga programas, drivers, manuals, schematics en http://tutoslinks.blogspot.com
Youtube: Un espacio para ideas alternativas, un canal diferente en Space Alvistec
Twitter: @amediastec


Email: mivistec@gmail.com
Any errors in this web are mine, and if you point them out I can fix them :)

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alvistec.blogspot.com, and Space Alvistec is this beautiful project created and maintained by a willful man - I do this work because I love him, not for money only, I have spent hours and hours on the pc writing posts and recording videos. That's not all, although lately I have been posting some sales in mercadolibre.com.co this is not enough to finance my project because I work occasionally and sales are also occasional. Google hosts the content for us "for free", and the YouTube adsense has helped me a bit, however, keeping the pages available, updated and online involves me in costs, for example: Internet service, domain registry, energy, a cup of Colombian coffee… all this is not free.
Thank you for your cooperation in helping me keep this project online!

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